Digital Techs for Pro Photographers

Retouching + Capture = Seamless Vision


We specialize in advertising, high-volume, and high-demand environments.

16+ Years of Digital Capture Experience

Since 2005 we’ve been providing excellent digital services.

Producer and Agent friendly

We can help provide fast estimates and also provide referrals for other photo resource needs.

More than Just a Tech.

15 years in commercial photography means that you have someone behind you with the experience to meet demanding commercial photography environments.  Neither overzealous, nor invisible, our techs know when you might need a suggestion or help finding a solution to an unforeseen problem.  Our expertise includes not only understanding the intricacies of lighting but also with grip and other portions of production.  We always hear what the art director is whispering.   You are getting more than just a digital specialist when you work with us.   This experience separates us from a standard tech who brings only a Capture One certification to a job.



Retouching + Capture = Seamless Vision

We have extensive retouching experience and have worked on large campaigns and projects. Clients often find that our capture services coupled with our retouching services provide a coherent and efficient one-stop shopping experience.

That's a wrap! For you...

Our rapid delivery workflow means that the time spent waiting around after the job is minimized.  In most instances your archive is delivered with a JPEG of every image before the producer cries “overtime.”  We continue to be 100% committed until the job is delivered to your client’s satisfaction.  90-day file archive means that we maintain files on our end should something happen to yours.

Location Package PLUS

  • Digital Capture Specialist (10 hours)
  • Macbook Pro 16 inch
  • Inovativ Cart + DigiPlate
  • Airport Extreme WLAN
  • (2) external 150 Wh Lithium Ion batteries
  • Carbon fiber tripod with Location case for Laptop
  • Professional Color calibration unit
  • DigiBag™ with high-grade tether cables and tools
  • backup Macbook Pro
  • Optional Digital Delivery (2TB SSD with 90 Day File Archive)

Studio Package PLUS

  • Digital Capture Specialist (10 hours)
  • Macbook Pro 16, or MacPro
  • 2 – 27 inch 4K Calibration Monitors
  • Custom Inovativ cart
  • Airport Extreme WLAN
  • UPS Battery Back up
  • Professional Color calibration unit
  • DigiBag with highgrade tether cables and tools
  • 1 backup Macbook Pro
  • Optional Digital Delivery (2TB SSD with 90 Day File Archive)

* To receive an accurate estimate please contact us with details regarding the job.  More options equipment options are available than are listed in the above packages.

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